Hotels in Salamanca

Hotels in Salamanca

HotelAlameda Palace ***** Plaza de la Estación, 1,

Luxury hotel in Salamanca in the commercial center of the city. Spacious and very tastefully decorated rooms,amazing suites, and attentive service throughout the hotel.

Easily Salamanca'smost expensive hotel.

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ACPalacio de San Esteban****
Arroy de Santa Domingo, 3

Another luxury hotel, this one set in the grounds of the San Esteban conventjust at the entrance to the historical quarter of San Sebastian. Magnificentlyreformed into a 5-star hotel, elegant rooms, excellent restaurant.

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HotelRector**** Pº Rector Esperabé, 10

Small,exclusive hotel with just 12 large, comfortable rooms and 1 suite. Friendly serviceand stragetically located just at the entrance to Salamanca's historical quarter.

Paradorof Salamanca**** Teso de la Feria, 2

Amodern paradorhotel, with fantastic views of Salamanca from the other side of the River. Recently rennovated with new spa facilities.Excellent restaurant serving traditional local dishes.

Outstandingparador hotel in terms of beauty and quality of service in the sleepy villageCiudad Rodrigo. Click on photo for a full description. See also photosof Ciudad Rodrigo parador.

HaciendaZorita***** Valverdón (12km from Salamanca)

Charmingconverted former Dominican monastery dating back to 1345 on a Duero vineyard nextto the Tormes River. Owned by Spanish wine company Haciendas Españas. Tasteful,minimalist decor, spacious rooms, no-fuss luxury, comfort and wonderful food andwine. Very good value for money.

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